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PIC Australia’s mission is to be recognised as the first choice supplier of pig genetics and related products and services to pork producers, through innovative and outstanding genetic technology, service and marketing.

PIC Australia’s sole objective has always been to maximise our customers profitability by continually improving the efficiency of the progeny produced by sows and boars whose reproductive efficiency is maintained at the highest levels.

PIC Australia is a supplier of improved pig breeding stock. Through the application of tried scientific principles to the selection of purebred lines we make continual genetic improvement. Specialist subcontracted multiplication farms then crossbreed these pure lines to produce breeding stock, sold by PIC to commercial pig producers throughout Australia.

Thus, PIC is able to concentrate its investments towards the technology of genetic improvement and the servicing of commercial producers. PIC is the world leader in the genetic improvement of pigs operating in 30 countries. As well as Australia, PIC has established businesses in Western Europe and the Americas as well as the developing markets of Asia and Central Europe.

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PIC Australia


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