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While a number of producers carry out on-farm collection and processing of semen, it would take considerable space to cover II areas which are critical to the success of this operation in he necessary detail. Given the importance of this process, we would recommend that the process is audited by an independent authority on a regular basis, as slight slippage in practices can have a very detrimental effect. PIC UK has the facilities and expertise to carry out such audits for their customers,

The vast majority of producers will purchase their semen from stud so that it arrives pre-packed in a suitable delivery system uch as flat packs. When purchasing semen there are a lumber of factors which need consideration by the producer, s they are buying genetics, health and fertility in one hit. appendix 1 gives a list of questions on which we believe you should receive satisfactory explanations from your supplier before purchase.

Semen testing can be a useful tool for both producer and supplier; however, it can be a process which is fraught with its own set of potential problems. We believe that if producers re going to test semen, they should work in conjunction with heir supplier to ensure that the testing process is relevant and hat the results bring real value to the producer, as there is an obvious cost to on-farmtesting. Should you wish to carry out semen testing PIC UK are able to provide expert guidance and raining to any of their customers so that this brings benefit to me process.

Al Company Courier delivery is considerably more secure, predictable and accurate than the post or external courier. Factors to consider with such a service are:
    1. Bio-security risk? This vehicle will go between units. What hygiene protocols are in place?
    2. Temperature-controlled van?
    3. How is the semen packaged and at what temperature was it dispatched? Should be at 17°C. The company should be able to place a temperature monitoring device to show you the thermal experience the semen undergoes during delivery
    4. How many deliveries per week?
    5. How precise is delivery time? Postal deliveries are less secure in terms of physical and thermal damage and also guaranteeing delivery time. Having said this, due to the isolated location of some sites, courier deliveries are either not practical or not cost-effective. Such sites have still achieved excellent results by postal deliveries. This has usually been achieved by the supplier working closely with the postal service and carrying out quality checks and dummy runs to ensure minimal impact on quality and supply