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For successful Al operation, a customised system should be created which fits the individual unit's needs. This need not be expensive, but bear in mind that the average service area would be ultimately responsible for several hundred thousand pounds of revenue.

These facilities must have:-

    1. Sufficient pens to grade sows, large/medium/small
    2. Easy access from weaned sow area
    3. Sufficient space
    4. A design to facilitate movement of stock and safety of staff
    5. Space to allow sows to be moved to boars two at a time
    6. Stock-friendly ambience- non-slip floors/straw
    7. Good light
    8. Protection from weather extremes - cool for summer, warm for winter.
The design should incorporate: -
    1. Sow-holding area away from boars (pre serving)
    2. Boar-holding interaction pen with perpendicular bars to allow sow nose-to-nose contact
    3. Insemination pen alongside boar pen where sows will be tested for oestrus without interference from other sows
    4. Post-insemination resting pens for sows to continue to assimilate semen without stress
    5. Equipment-holding facilities for cool box, catheters, gels.
    6. Equipment for handling waste
    7. Radio for contented stock and staff
    8. Clock.