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    1. Patient, calm and enthusiastic staff working as a team will achieve the best Al results
    2. Batch farrowing can place an unacceptable burden on the three serving days if there are only limited staff numbers available to carry out the Al process
    3. Insemination cannot be rushed and must not become a "chore"
    4. Inexperienced operators should receive on-the-job training in principles and technique
    5. Pregnancy detection is an integral part of theinsemination process as returning sows need to be identified immediately and appropriate action taken
    6. Climatic conditions both inside and outdoors can dramatically influence reproductive rate. Sows must he kept in warm, dry and draught-free conditions with freedom from stress
    7. Attention todetail, with recording and detailed analysis of accurate records, can go a long way to identifying the problem areas in an Al system.