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Important questions to ask your Al supplier.

    1. Explain health protocols at the supplying stud - Is the semen PRRS free?
    2. What is your stud's contingency programme should a problem arise with the stud or delivery?
    3. What extender do you use and what is the shelf-life of the semen after it is delivered?
    4. How many (viable) sperm cells in a semen dose?
    5. What are your minimum Standards for percentage of normal sperm cells (morphology) and percentage of motile sperm cells?
    6. How do I know that I am getting the right semen from the right boar(s)?
    7. What do you do to make sure the semen is not damaged in transit to the farm?
    8. How do I know that the semen will be fertile? What checks do you make and how do you monitor on-farm fertility?
    9. What will you do to help me if I have a problem with the semen?
    10. How can you help me if I have a problem with my conception rate?
    11. If I hire a new member of staff what will you do to help train him/her?
    12. What makes you better than the competition?
    13. Is the size and background to the nucleus population that supplies the boars to your stud sufficient to ensure maximum genetic progress?
    14. How often are boars turned over at your stud to facilitate maximum genetic progress down to my herd?