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2006年 4月 21日 星期五
来自 丹麦 的新闻 Denmark Expands Inroads Into China For Its Pork
DENMARK - China would be importing greater quantities of Danish pork and pig byproducts under a new agreement reached by a Danish delegation in Beijing this week. ...
2006年 4月 10日 星期一
来自 丹麦 的新闻 Danish Slaughterings Will Continue To Fall
DENMARK - Denmark's four percent fall in sow numbers - as highlighted in its January census - is being attributed to tether ban legislation and smaller producers leaving the industry....
2005年11月 14日 星期一
Danish Forecast Only Slight Increase In Production
DENMARK - Denmark revised its previous downward 2005-production forecast to a slight increase of 0.7% this year, and a lower average year on year price rise of 1.7%....
2005年11月 10日 星期四
Danish Crown to strengthen its competitiveness
DENMARK - Danish Crown presents plans for closing the slaughterhouse in Odense and the retail packing plant in Holb?k. ...
2005年 9月 6日 星期二
World-leading pork exporter Denmark sees sharp increase in pig mortality
DENMARK - Denmark, the world-leading pork exporter, has seen the number of pigs that die from illnesses increase by 25 percent over the past decade to about seven million animals a year. Of the 32 million pigs born in the Scandinavian country last...
2005年 8月 9日 星期二
Foreign meat crawling with bacteria
DENMARK - Nine out of ten Danes infected with multi-resistant bacteria got it from foreign meat, imported in increasing amounts. It could cost lives, scientists warn. Danish researchers are voicing their concern that imported chicken, pork, and...
2005年 7月 20日 星期三
Researchers produce tail-biting guide
DENMARK - Researchers in Denmark have developed a computer program that can link behavioural observations with statistics in an attempt to find the causes of tail biting in an individual herd....
2005年 7月 8日 星期五
Danish Bacon at the Proms
DENMARK - Danish Bacon is celebrating the bi-centenary of Danish institution Hans Christian Andersen by supporting the world premiere of Bent S?rensen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, at the BBC Proms on 12th August. ...
2005年 7月 4日 星期一
Danish Crown continues restructuring
DENMARK - Danish Crown, Europe's largest meat processor has approved the sale of another slaughterhouse in its domestic market, as it attempts to expand internationally and lower costs. The sale is part of a restructuring plan announced by Danish...
2005年 6月 27日 星期一
Danish MPs get millions in farm subsidy
DENMARK - Four Danish cabinet ministers, several of its MPs and even the country's EU commissioner receive payments under the Common Agricultural Policy running into millions of pounds. In what will alarm campaigners against global poverty, Denmark's...
2005年 6月 6日 星期一
Danish root for pig savings
DENMARK - Danish pigs farms will have to double in size over the next eight years to survive, according to Danske Slagterier senior consultant Finn Udesen. He expects production costs for a 300-sow herd producing 4500 slaughter pigs to rise from 9.5DKr/kg...
2005年 1月 21日 星期五
Slaughter plant closing
DENMARK - The final phase of the structural plan for Danish Crown is being implemented. This week, Danish Crown, one of Europe’s leading pork processors, opened negotiations with the staff at the Hj?rring plant in Northern Jutland over the closure of...
2004年10月 29日 星期五
Danes report record level of slaughter pigs
DENMARK - Production of slaughter pigs in Denmark will drop to a record level of 25 million pigs in 2005, Danish pig producers announced on October 26, 2004....
2004年 8月 9日 星期一
Danish Crown and HK Ruokatalo announce joint majority in Polish meat company
DENMARK - Sokolow S.A. is the market leader of branded meat products in Poland, and is listed at the Polish Stock exchange. The company has been owned mainly by international investors. Today, it has been announced that the large Danish cooperative meat...
2004年 6月 22日 星期二
Blow To Danish Pig Producers
DENMRK - The Danish Nature Preservation Society wants to see a block put on pig industry expansion in Denmark. It plans to approach the European Commission over environmental problems caused by Danish pigs. ...
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