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2004年 6月 12日 星期六
Pressure On Danish Hog Production
DENMARK - The Danish Nature Preservation Society is urging the EU Commission to pressure the Government on what it calls Denmark's breaking-point hog production....
2004年 2月 10日 星期二
Danish pork industry on the rise
DENMARK - Beneficial knock-on effects of the Avian Influenza and BSE crises could soon be felt within Denmark’s pork industry, according to some industry experts. Denmark's Bacon and Meat Council believes that after months of historically low levels,...
2004年 1月 9日 星期五
Butchers should shun pork farmers, says Danish People's Party
DENMARK - The Chairman of the Danish People's Party believes butchers ought to intervene when farmers overstep their production allowances...
2003年12月 9日 星期二
Don’t pull the rug from under Danish pig production
DENMARK - “In general Denmark’s pig producers are skilled at adjusting their costs to developments in international markets. However, politicians should be careful that they don’t tighten production conditions to such an extent that they pull the...
2003年12月 5日 星期五
Pig production near bursting point
DENMARK - Pork meat production in Denmark has become so massive and concentrated that it threatens the country's environment and ecological system, Jacqueline McGlade, director of the European Environmental Agency (EEA) told Ritzau. ...
2003年11月 4日 星期二
Danish swine fever fears allayed
DENMARK - Danish fears of strict export restrictions have been put at bay as pigs suspected of swine fever test negative to preliminary examinations....
2003年10月 31日 星期五
Danbred Strengthend Link with Danish Program
DENMARK - Danbred North America is introducing a new herd recording and data transfer system, which will directly link its nucleus herds via the internet to the Danish national breeding program. This will allow nucleus herds in the United States and Canada...
2003年10月 30日 星期四
Danish bacon up
DENMARK - Denmark's Bacon and Meat Council has predicted that Danish pork prices are set to rise. The organisation points to declining meat production in the United States and flat output in the European Union as the chief causes....
2003年10月 15日 星期三
Final report for Denmarks CSF contingency plans
DENMARK - This article is a summary of the final report of a mission carried out to evaluate the disease contingency plans for epizootic diseases (in particular Classical Swine Fever and Foot and Mouth disease)....
2003年 9月 29日 星期一
Danish Tests for Swine Fever Prove Negative
DENMARK - Two separate suspected cases of Classical Swine Fever in Denmark have been proved negative following tests carried out by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration....
2003年 9月 26日 星期五
CSF Denmark: Preliminary tests negative
DENMARK - Today the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration have informed that the provisional result of the laboratory test of the Swine Fever suspected pig is negative....
2003年 9月 25日 星期四
Suspected case of swine fever in Denmark
DENMARK - Danish Crown’s slaughterhouse in Blans in Denmark was shut down on Wednesday after a suspected case of swine fever. The pig in question was supplied by a farmer on the same day from the southern part of Vejle County....
2003年 9月 11日 星期四
Danish Pork Exports
DENMARK - By the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service - This article provides the pork industry data from the USDA FAS Livestock and Products report on Danish Pork Exports, January to June 2003....
2003年 8月 14日 星期四
Danish Pig Herd Shows Increase
DENMARK - Results of the July survey in Denmark indicated that the country's total pig herd increased by more than one per cent, or 170,000 head, on on corresponding year-earlier levels, to more than 13.1 million head....
2003年 6月 26日 星期四
Danes Ship More Pigmeat
DENMARK - Pigmeat exports from Denmark during the first quarter of the year increased by six per cent, or almost 24,000 tonnes, on corresponding year-earlier levels, to almost 441,000 tonnes....
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