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2006年 9月 14日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Oz Farmers Blast Anti-Terror Laws
AUSTRALIA - Farmers say moves by the Federal Government to restrict the use of everyday farm chemicals and fertilisers are anti-terrorism tactics spinning out of control. ...
2006年 9月 13日 星期三
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 UK research to feature at Gold Coast conference
UK - The latest research into ‘precision animal farming’ in the UK and how it could be applied in Australia will be featured at the Horizons in Livestock Research Conference at the Gold Coast International Hotel from 8-11 October. ...
2006年 9月 5日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Biodiesel plant business case for Mid North
AUSTRALIA - The Southern Flinders Ranges Development Board is to develop a business case investigating building a canola crushing and biodiesel production plant in the Gladstone area....
2006年 7月 25日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 PigPass to identify food safety risks
AUSTRALIA - Pork producers have welcomed a new identification system to trace animals from pig pen to plate. ...
2006年 7月 19日 星期三
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Pork And Poultry Supplier Plays Down Hepatitis A Concerns
AUSTRALIA - One of the country's largest pork suppliers says there is little risk of its customers contracting hepatitis A, despite one of its staff falling ill from the virus earlier this month. ...
2006年 7月 14日 星期五
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 RSPCA Leads Calls To Ban Sow Stalls
AUSTRALIA - RSPCA Australia has today welcomed the increased attention on the use of sow stalls that has resulted from a story screened on the Seven Network’s Today Tonight programme. ...
2006年 7月 12日 星期三
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Australian organic producers can look to export markets
AUSTRALIA - Organic food producers in Australia should look to exports to boost their sales, advises a new government report. ...
2006年 7月 10日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Code of conduct for pig welfare criticised
AUSTRALIA - The animal rights group Voiceless has criticised the Federal Government's draft code of conduct for pig welfare, claiming it is inaccurate and limits public consultation....
2006年 7月 6日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Animal Welfare - Vital For Livestock Transport
AUSTRALIA - With the increasing scrutiny of the management and care of animals, the Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (DPI&F) is urging producers and transporters to examine their livestock transport procedures to ensure that animals arrive...
2006年 7月 1日 星期六
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 WA to comment on pig welfare
AUSTRALIA - The Western Australian pig industry has until 31 July to provide feedback on the proposed National Code of Practice for pig welfare, reports the Department of Agriculture and Food Government of Western Australia. ...
2006年 6月 26日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Farmers, govt to talk about quarantine
AUSTRALIA - Farmers and bureaucrats will meet next month to work out their differences over the nation's quarantine rules....
2006年 6月 5日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Pig pen changes anger groups
TASMANIA - Proposed animal welfare changes would continue to see Tasmania's pigs kept in tiny concrete pens, animal welfare groups said yesterday....
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Pig breeding code criticised as cruel
AUSTRALIA - Animal welfare advocates say a proposed code for the breeding of pigs does not go far enough to protect the animals from cruelty....
2006年 5月 3日 星期三
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 High Costs for Country of Origin Labelling in Australia
AUSTRALIA - The report, which includes an independent study by the Centre for International Economics, concluded that this benefit to consumers would be outweighed by the costs to industry, which would harm the competitiveness of affected Australian-made...
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Farmers Back Push To Bolster Country Of Origin Food Labelling
AUSTRALIA - Western Australian farmers have welcomed a Federal Government move to strengthen country of origin labelling for processed foods. ...
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