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2008年 1月 25日 星期五
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 农业部对放养猪猪生产情况展开调查
澳大利亚 - 农业部对放养猪要求的生产规程开展了一项调查。...
2007年11月 1日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 干旱导致澳大利亚饲粮供应短缺,澳洲养殖户可能考虑进口饲粮
2007年 4月 27日 星期五
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Minister Launches Red Meat Processing Sector Environmental Guidelines
AUSTRALIA - The red meat processing industry has achieved a major milestone in environmental management through the official launch today of its Environmental Best Practice Guidelines by Federal Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister Peter McGauran....
2007年 4月 24日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 The New Model Code of Practice is the way forward for
AUSTRALIA - Australian Pork Limited (APL), the national representative body for Australia’s pig farmers, has welcomed the Primary Industry Ministerial Council (PIMC) endorsement of the new Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals ?Pigs....
2007年 4月 23日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Pig Farmers to Change Stalls Before 2017
AUSTRALIA - Animal welfare groups have condemned the decision by agriculture ministers to extend for another 10 years the practice of confining breeding sows. ...
2007年 4月 21日 星期六
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 RSPCA Urges Ministers to Reject Continued Use of Sow Stalls
AUSTRALIA - The RSPCA is today urging state and territory agriculture ministers to reject a proposal in the draft Model Code of Practice governing the welfare of pigs that supports the continued use of sow stalls....
2007年 3月 19日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 US feedlot consultant predicts meat price increase
AUSTRALIA - An American feedlot consultant says Australian shoppers will have to learn to pay more for meat because of rising grain prices. ...
2007年 3月 12日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Piggeries struggle with feed costs, labour shortage
AUSTRALIA - The operator of Australia's biggest piggery believes more players will be forced out of the industry because of rising costs. ...
2007年 3月 5日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Aust farmers to benefit from Chinese urbanisation
AUSTRALIA - New research shows shrinking land availability and a changing diet in China are opening up big opportunities for Australian farmers. ...
2007年 2月 27日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 APL Appoints new Research Manager
AUSTRALIA - Australian Pork Limited, the pork industry’s national representative body, has appointed Dr. Geoffrey Annison to the position of General Manager - Research and Innovation....
2007年 2月 12日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Australia okays British pork imports
AUSTRALIA - Australia has confirmed it has agreed to accept imports of pork from Great Britain. ...
2007年 2月 1日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Oz Opens Doors To British Pork
UK - The doors to a new big market have been open to British pig producers with approval to export to Australia....
2007年 1月 23日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Queensland pig prices on 20-year high
QUEENSLAND - Queensland pig producers are experiencing their best prices in more than 20 years....
2007年 1月 18日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Fish food the key to lower fat in pork and poultry
AUSTRALIA - Scientists have found a way to reduce the amount of fat - which can lead to heart disease - by feeding fish meal to pigs in order to produce pork rich in omega-3. ...
2006年12月 29日 星期五
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Australians will reject cloned meat, anti-GM group says
AUSTRALIA - A lobby group opposed to the genetic modification of animals says the Australian public will reject meat from cloned animals, even though the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled it is safe....
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