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2006年12月 29日 星期五
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 GE crops will harm Australia warns US expert
AUSTRALIA faces economic and environmental losses if it follows the United States and grows commercial genetically engineered (GE) crops, a leading expert in agricultural technology has warned. ...
2006年12月 19日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Pork prices climb this Christmas In Australia
AUSTRALIA - Demand for pork products has improved this Christmas, with prices lifting at retail level. ...
2006年11月 30日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 APL proposes changes to pig slaughter levy
AUSTRALIA - Australian Pork Limited’s 2006 Annual General Meeting, 22 November, 2006 in Melbourne resulted in some exciting outcomes which will assist APL and the Australian pig industry prepare for future challenges....
2006年11月 24日 星期五
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Pig tracing may go high-tech
AUSTRALIA - The pig industry is considering launching an electronic system to trace animals. ...
2006年11月 9日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Supply shortages felt in pig meat industry
AUSTRALIA - Competition between pig meat processors is heating up in the lead up to Christmas because of supply shortages. ...
2006年11月 2日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Deadline closes in for PigPass
AUSTRALIA - Australian Pork Limited Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Spencer, said from 1 January 2007 pigs consigned to export abattoirs need to be accompanied by a National Vendor Declaration (PigPass) which is backed up by either an appropriate on-farm...
2006年10月 31日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 New bio-agent for parasite control
AUSTRALIA - A new environmentally-friendly treatment to control the tiny parasitic worms which plague the livestock sector is set to become a commercial reality....
2006年10月 30日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Imported feed grain expected to ease shortages
AUSTRALIA - The Federal Government expects the first imports of feed grain for livestock to arrive in Australia in January to ease looming shortages....
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Pig ad campaign misleading, say pork producers group
AUSTRALIA - Animal rights activists have launched a new advertising campaign against pig farming. ...
2006年10月 16日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 NSW Minister warns drought will drive up food prices
AUSTRALIA - New South Wales Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald says the price of basic food is set to rise as farmers struggle to cope with drought....
2006年10月 5日 星期四
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Stopping the Spread of Exotic Diseases in Porcine Creatures
AUSTRALIA - It is estimated that a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak will cost Australian rural industries more than $13 billion over a ten year period, with up to 70% of losses coming in the first year. ...
2006年 9月 25日 星期一
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Farming sector fears worst
AUSTRALIA - The present drought is expected to be the most damaging in more than a century and threatens to cut the value of agricultural production by billions of dollars. ...
2006年 9月 19日 星期二
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 UQ Research Project Targets Colitis In Pigs And Poultry
AUSTRALIA - A new University of Queensland study aims to improve understanding of a remarkable organism which is an important cause of diarrhoea in animals and humans. ...
2006年 9月 15日 星期五
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Animal activists claims against a NSW pig farm cleared by NSW RSPCA
AUSTRALIA - Australia's pig farmers, through their national representative body Australian Pork Limited, have welcomed the news that the NSW RSPCA has cleared the property in the Young district of New South Wales of any wrong doing relating to the welfare...
来自 澳大利亚 的新闻 Plant closure won't affect pig producers: KR Castlemaine
AUSTRALIA - Smallgoods manufacturer KR Castlemaine has told Queensland pig producers it will still need their pork, despite announcing the closure of its Toowoomba processing plant. ...
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