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2006年 4月 3日 星期一
来自 德国 的新闻 Classical Swine Fever: Movement Restrictions On Pigs In North-Rhine Westphalia
GERMANY - The European Commission has today decided to suspend the movement of all pigs within and from the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia, due to a new case of classical swine fever in a pig farm in this region. ...
2006年 3月 4日 星期六
来自 德国 的新闻 Pigs slaughtered after swine fever oubreak in Germany
BERLIN - German authorities have ordered the slaughter of some 2,600 pigs following an outbreak of classical swine fever, officials said. The disease, contagious among animals but not transmissible to humans, was identified in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. On...
2006年 2月 23日 星期四
Pig manure swamps German village
GERMANY - A village in the German state of Bavaria is recovering after being flooded with liquid pig manure. A tank containing the fetid fertiliser burst, sending a deluge of porcine waste into the courtyards and streets of Elsa, police said. The...
2006年 2月 8日 星期三
German farms test negative for dioxin, still closed
GERMANY - Tests on five farms in Germany put under quarantine because of fears pig feed was contaminated with the carcinogen dioxin have proved negative, but the farms remain sealed off, authorities said on Tuesday. Officials in the states of Brandenburg,...
2006年 2月 3日 星期五
来自 德国 的新闻 Europe's Dioxin Crisis Reaches Germany
GERMANY - Just days after the southern German state of Bavaria was hit by a new scandal involving mislabeled spoiled meat, Germany had to temporarily close off five pig farms suspected of using dioxin-contaminated animal feed. Pigs from several German...
2005年 6月 28日 星期二
EDEKA Südwest and PIC Deutschland Sign Technology Contract for Meat Quality
GERMANY - PIC's German subsidiary, PIC Deutschland GmbH, has signed a contract with EDEKA Südwest Fleisch GmbH for collaboration on quality control for the EDEKA "Gutfleisch-Programm", a Premium Meat Programme. A pool of EDEKA Meat Quality...
2003年 4月 25日 星期五
来自 德国 的新闻 Untitled
GERMANY - A regional agriculture minister has promised to oppose attempts by the German government to goldplate the EU welfare regulations (which are already in force in UK)....
2003年 3月 24日 星期一
来自 德国 的新闻 Classical Swine Fever in Germany
GERMANY - Follow-up report No. 2. An outbreak of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) has been reported (via OIE) in the Bad Dürkheim district, Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) Land, Germany...
2003年 2月 6日 星期四
Difficult year ahead for German farmers
GERMANY - German consumer protection minister Renate Kunast (Green party) predicts that the current year will again be difficult for German farmers owing to the general weakness of the economy. ...
2003年 1月 30日 星期四
German Pig Herd Grows
GERMANY - The total pig herd in Germany has increased in size by just under one per cent, or 214,000 head, to almost 26.2 million head, according to results of the country's November census. ...
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