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2007年 3月 23日 星期五
来自 荷兰 的新闻 Herbs effective against round worms in pigs
NETHERLANDS - The use of these plant extracts can prevent large round worm (Ascaris suum) infections in pigs, according to research from the Dutch Animal Sciences Group (ASG). ...
2007年 3月 20日 星期二
来自 荷兰 的新闻 Continuous growth of Dutch pig exports
NETHERLANDS - Dutch exports of finisher pigs and piglets keeps on rising in 2007. ...
2007年 3月 12日 星期一
来自 荷兰 的新闻 Hypor Grows R&D team
NETHERLANDS - Hypor is pleased to announce the appointments of Xu Bai and Abe Huisman to the Research and Development team. Both geneticists fill newly created positions, with Abe Huisman as the Program Geneticist based in Boxmeer, the Netherlands and...
2007年 1月 25日 星期四
来自 荷兰 的新闻 Nutreco has signed an MoU to sell the animal breeding activities of Euribrid to Hendrix Genetics
THE NETHERLANDS - Nutreco Holding N.V. and Hendrix Genetics B.V. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the sale of the animal breeding activities “Euribrid”, including its related Animal Breeding Research Centre, to Hendrix Genetics....
2006年12月 14日 星期四
来自 荷兰 的新闻 First use of commercial genomic selection
THE NETHERLANDS - Euribrid announces the first large-scale commercial use of "Genomic Selection" technology in poultry. This is also the first time such a large set of DNA markers has been used in commercial animal breeding. The animals for this application...
2006年 5月 12日 星期五
来自 荷兰 的新闻 Hypor's Multiplication Dealer Wins Prestigious Agriculture Award
THE NETHERLANDS - Hypor’s multiplication dealer for northern Holland, Johnny Hogenkamp, accepted The Netherlands most prestigious agricultural award, “Agricultural Entrepreneur 2006,” on March 29, 2006 at a ceremony in Zeist....
2006年 3月 8日 星期三
来自 荷兰 的新闻 The Netherlands steps up measures against German swine fever
THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman announced measures to control pigs from western Germany where outbreaks of swine fever have occurred at several sites. Dutch health services are to check all pigs arriving from the affected...
2006年 2月 13日 星期一
Quarantine Lifted on Dutch Farms after Dioxin Scare
THE NETHERLANDS - The Dutch food safety authority VWA said in a statement late Friday it had lifted the quarantine orders on a remaining 127 Dutch farms closed after dioxin was found in animal feed last month. VWA said latest test results did not...
2006年 2月 8日 星期三
Dutch Find Higher Levels of Dioxin in Pig Farm - ANP
AMSTERDAM - The Dutch food and safety authority (VWA) has found above-normal levels of cancer-causing dioxin in pigs at one of the farms sealed off as a precaution after a feed-scare, Dutch news agency ANP reported on Monday. ANP said that after preliminary...
2006年 2月 6日 星期一
Dutch test pig feed for dioxin, farms still shut
THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch food and safety authority (VWA) said most pig farms sealed off as a precaution after discovering cancer-causing dioxin would remain shut because results of tests on animal feed would take time....
2006年 2月 3日 星期五
Dutch reopen some pig farms after dioxin scare
THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch food safety authority VWA on Thursday reopened nine pig farms out of 250 it had sealed off as a precaution after discovering cancer-causing dioxin in animal feed last week....
2006年 2月 2日 星期四
Japan halts imports of Dutch pork
AMSTERDAM ? Japan has imposed a temporary ban on imports of pork from the Netherlands. South Korea has taken a similar measure. Dutch Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman said the ban relates to possible contamination of the meat by dioxin. Veerman...
2005年12月 23日 星期五
Slachthuis Groenlo to be acquired by Dumeco
THE NETHERLANDS - The Board of Management of the slaughterhouse Slachthuis Groenlo has announced its intention to sell both Slachthuis Groenlo and EuroMeat Groenlo to Dumeco in order to assure the future of the company. Dumeco is to submit the proposed...
2005年12月 22日 星期四
IKB is on track to meet new EU hygiene legislation
THE NETHERLANDS - If further proof were needed that IKB is an advanced quality assurance programme, this is surely it. Most of the requirements laid down in new EU hygiene legislation are already an integral part of IKB. IKB establishments therefore do...
2005年11月 28日 星期一
Meat is the main source of haem iron
THE NETHERLANDS - In the Netherlands meat provides most iron, after bread, in our daily diet. The iron in meat mainly occurs in the form of haem iron, which can be absorbed very easily from food. Non-haem iron, on the other hand, cannot be easily absorbed...
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