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2008年 3月 5日 星期三
来自 南非 的新闻 肉品大会设在开普敦
南非 - 国际肉品秘书处将于2008年9月7-10日在南非开普敦召开第17届世界肉品大会。...
2007年 2月 14日 星期三
来自 南非 的新闻 South Africa: Food prices to rise
SOUTH AFRICA - Meat is meat but people won’t eat as their pockets begin to shrink. ...
2006年11月 22日 星期三
来自 南非 的新闻 Tourists warned of swine fever in Northern Cape
SOUTH AFRICA - Holidaymakers have been asked to comply with regulations banning the movement of pork and pork products to control classical swine fever, said the Northern Cape agriculture department on Tuesday. ...
2006年10月 24日 星期二
来自 南非 的新闻 Biodiesel could fuel rural economic revival
SOUTH AFRICA - Research will be conducted into the use of biodiesel waste in animal feed. ...
2006年10月 20日 星期五
来自 南非 的新闻 Swaziland's ban on pig imports lifted
SOUTH AFRICA - The ban on the importation of pigs and related products from South Africa has been partially lifted with effect from today. ...
2006年10月 17日 星期二
来自 南非 的新闻 S. Africa extends pig culling drive to eradicate swine fever
SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa said on Friday that it has extended the campaign to eradicate an outbreak of classical swine fever in the Eastern Cape province by another six months. ...
2006年10月 13日 星期五
来自 南非 的新闻 Campaign to combat swine fever in Eastern Cape continues
SOUTH AFRICA - The Department of Agriculture has extended the campaign to eradicate an outbreak of classical swine fever in the Eastern Cape by another six months....
2006年 6月 28日 星期三
来自 南非 的新闻 New swine fever outbreak hits Easterns Cape's struggling community
EASTERN CAPE - A community outside Kirkwood had to stand by and watch helplessly yesterday when officials from the agriculture department culled hundreds of their pigs after another outbreak of classical swine fever in the Eastern Cape....
2006年 6月 5日 星期一
来自 南非 的新闻 Meat machines: clean them every 48 hours not once a year
SOUTH AFRICA - Meat and poultry processors can choose not to have daily cleanups of equipment and plant as long as sanitary standards are maintained, according to a notice from the US federal Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). ...
2006年 5月 22日 星期一
来自 南非 的新闻 Pig farmers paid out R85m so far
SOUTH AFRICA - A total of R85-million has been paid out in compensation to farmers after the outbreak of swine fever in the Eastern Cape, says Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister Thoko Didiza. ...
2006年 4月 12日 星期三
来自 南非 的新闻 Eastern Cape Swine Fever Warning
EASTERN CAPE - The agriculture department yesterday warned that no live pigs or pig products may be taken out of Eastern Cape following an outbreak of swine fever in the province. ...
2006年 3月 29日 星期三
S.Africa says pig cull halts swine fever outbreak
SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa has implemented a massive culling programme that has helped stop an outbreak of classical swine fever spreading across the country, the agriculture minister said on Tuesday....
2005年 8月 23日 星期二
Swine fever outbreak: 20 000 pigs face slaughter
SOUTH AFRICA - The culling of an estimated 20 000 pigs in the Eastern Cape started in Idutywa on Monday, after an outbreak of swine fever hit the province....
2005年 6月 13日 星期一
Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome in South Africa
SOUTH AFRICA - Followup report number 1 by the OIE on the detection of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in South African pigs....
2004年 8月 18日 星期三
Deadly Pig Virus Strikes In South Africa
SOUTH AFRICA - The Western Cape department of agriculture in South Africa has announced that all pigs on farms where blue-ear disease has been diagnosed have to be destroyed. Farmers affected by the slaughter will get compensation. ...
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